This Sith Cosplay Will Make You Choose The Dark Side

sinister sith 1

I absolutely raved about this Sith cosplay by Miss Sinister when I first saw it back in July it because it’s frakkin’ flawless. Now I can gush about it again because she took some fantastic new pictures at DragonCon.

She even has a bio written by Hex Mortis for the DragonCon costume contest:

“Trained on Byss, this visceral assassin’s beauty is a prison for the power contained within her dark soul. Her existence is only whispered about in the darkest corners of cantinas across the galaxy, and to even see her dark visage is a harbinger of the carnage that is about to ensue.”

See more pictures after the break.

sinister sith 1

sinister sith 6

sinister sith 5

sinister sith 4

sinister sith 3


Photos by York In A Box. Prints are available in the Miss Sinistore.


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