Seven Low Budget, Silly Costumes That Actually Work [Featured]


We’ve all been in a costuming pinch. It’s easy to plan a grand costume for Halloween or renfaire or convention and forget to work on it until the weekend before the event. Last minute scrambles can produce absolute wrecks or creative ideas that are so silly they end up being awesome. Cardboard, styrofoam, and other household objects are usually involved as well as a trip to the local craft or hardware store. Desperation can fuel the muse, but sometimes it’s the cosplayer’s intent to make a ridiculous/wonderful costume. These are some of our favorites.

The above attempt at a costume of The Thing illustrates just how styrofoam could save the day. I think the foam just needs a little paint. Image found on Catsmob.

Check out six more examples after the break.


I like that this group went to enough trouble to obtain inflatable lightsabers but didn’t paint any astromech markings on their R2-D2 unit. Maybe the costume idea started because they randomly ended up with the lightsabers. Jabba is my favorite. Image found on Reddit.


If you can’t have laser vision like Cyclops or build a replica visor, this would do in a pinch. Image and instructions from Vo Maria.

Duct tape Iron Man

Duct tape comes in all the colors of the rainbow now, and it’s made to be used for fake suits of armor. It may be low budget, but this Iron Man suit is definitely impressive. Photographed by Ditto Monster.


I never thought of using water bottles in costumes until I saw this Mega Man outfit. It looks terribly uncomfortable. Image found on bwors.

Silver surfer

Well, the foil at least ensures you get the silver part of Silver Surfer down. Image found on izismile.


You don’t need Mjölnir to be like Thor; you just need to find some CDs you don’t want. I appreciate the resourcefulness used to find a suitable substitute for a yellow wig. Image found on Catsmob.


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