Seven Disney Villain Costumes That Make Evil Look Good

Jafar Disney___the_new_Sultan_by_NikkouChan

A Disney film just isn’t a Disney film without a villain. Scar, Maleficent, Ursula, Hades – they all left an impression and gave our protagonists a symbol to fight against. Their movies would be boring without them, and cosplay isn’t as fun when it’s all Princesses. We looked at some gorgeous Princess cosplay last week, and now it’s time to check out the other side.

Jafar cosplayed by NikkouChan.

See six more fabulous terrible costumes after the break.


Frollo cosplayed by MakeupGoddess, photographed by Tiffany Chang.


Evil Queen cosplayed by cheetaleonie, photographed by Job Fermie.

Maleficent costume

Maleficent cosplayed by amazonmandy.


Ursula photographed by Dustin Leitzel.

Cruella da Vil costume

Cruella de Vil cosplayed by 101 Dalmatians.

queen of hearts costume

Queen of Hearts cosplayed by Kheal_Chan, photographed by Featherlight Photography.


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