The Samurai Studio: Get Your Picture Taken In High End Samurai Armor


While I was never a big fan of the old timey photo booths taking up residence along east coast boardwalks, Tokyo’s new Samurai Studio is something to get excited about.

Starting on October 27, the Samurai Studio will be opening in Tokyo’s historical Asakusa district with a wardrobe full of authentic replica gear for both men and women. Each set of armor was painstakingly crafted (some of which were used in samurai dramas on Japanese TV) and include accurate representations of armor worn during the Sengoku and Edo periods as well as ones modeled after the famous samurai Sanada Yukimura and Naoe Kanetsugu. And with packages starting at 4,900 yen (US$41), these are affordable memories worth making.

Like many other amazing pop-ups in Japan, the Samurai Studio will be open for a limited time—November 5th to be precise.

Check out more pics of the armor collections after the break.



(via Rocket News 24)


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