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Dave Filoni Talks Sabine’s New Look And Why He Likes Messing With Cosplayers


If you’ve seen any of the previews for the upcoming season of Star Wars Rebels, you may have noticed a few changes in the crew. Most notably, fans picked up on some changes to Sabine’s hair and armor.

Lots of fans wondered about the reason for the change and Rebels producer Dave Filoni has provided some good answers—including the joy of messing with cosplayers.

In a recent interview with MTV, Filoni notes:

“I don’t believe that people in general that dye their hair ever really stick for it that long,” Filoni told MTV News over the phone last week, noting all of his friends who sport unusual hair colors — including his wife — like to play around with different shades. “I think it’s part of their creative impulse and they’re always experimenting and saying, ’What about this?’… As an artist, Sabine would scribble on her armor and change the color of her armor. She would never really settle on this one thing and just be done with it. Most people I know who draw are constantly doodling and changing things.”

I love this answer, because it makes so much sense. He also went on to explain that this change isn’t about a teenager who’s just changing things up out of boredom, but because she, like the rest of the Rebels, has been affected by her interaction with Darth Vader.

For Sabine, “Changing things up has to do with her interaction with Darth Vader — in that episode she does a pretty bold thing and takes aim at him at one point and fires at him, which doesn’t go so well for her because she doesn’t know who this guy is. So after that attempt on Vader, she gets blasted back and carbon scores her helmet and decides to change up her whole look after that –- kind of a new Sabine after that experience. It’s a line in the sand when she’s like, ’OK, I’m going to do things differently, including changing my hair, changing my outfit.’”

Filoni also notes that he does some of this with cosplayers in mind. After all, Rebels has been very cosplay friendly, even going so far as to create resources for them to use when creating costumes. However, he also admits that he likes to change up the costumes to give the cosplayers a little more work to do.

“The Clone Troopers used to get on me all the time, because I used to change up their armor, and I mean those poor guys spent a lot of time and a lot of money to make those things, to make them accurate,” Filoni said. “And then they don’t have the latest, newest [version]. You know, so I often think I’m doing everybody a favor and then I see them and they’re all, ’Why Dave, why?’”

“But on a certain level — I hate to say it, but it becomes fun for me to do that to them, because they’re all such great people,’ he acknowledged. “I’ve been at LucasFilms for about a decade, so you know, you go to every convention year after year like I do, and you know a lot of them by sight. You know the costumes they have, and you know it’s sometimes fun to sit there and think, ‘Oh, I’m going to change the costumes up on them and see how they react.’ I love the fan community, I’ve been a part of it before I was even working at LucasFilms. So, it’s all fun and fair at ’Star Wars.’”

You can check out the rest of the interview over on MTV. It’s definitely a fun read.

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