Rio City’s Poor Batman [Cosplay]

poor batman 1

Bruce Wayne can be Batman because he’s stinking, filthy rich. He can afford all the gadgets and weapons he needs. But what if Batman was a just a poor guy living in Rio City?

A photography collective in Argentina known as M.A.F.I.A. has captured the hero in a way we haven’t seen him before—in a makeshift costume, lost and wandering the streets of Rio City. Their description of the series:

Bruce Wayne Do Santos. Ex-millionaire. Ex-owner of underground estates. Ex-superfriend. Dismissed, homeless, landless. Wandering the city of Rio. A raw mixture of performance, comics, and street art.

It’s an interesting perspective.

Check out more photos after the break – there are even kittens.

poor batman 2

poor batman 3

poor batman 4

poor batman 5


poor batman 7

poor batman 8

poor batman 6


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(MF via Neatorama)


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