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This Rey Figure Is The Rarest Of All [Cosplay]

rey cosplay top

Many have complained about the current lack of Star Wars toys featuring Rey. To make matters worse, the toys that exist (like the Rey Black Series figure) are hard to find right now at a reasonable price.

Needless to say, companies are scrambling to correct their oversight and meet the demand. However, there’s one Rey figure that can’t be duplicated. It’s the rarest and most spectacular of all.

Yes, you’re not looking at a toy here. This is an amazing cosplay by MCubed. Take a closer look in the images below.



Costume: MCubed Cosplay & Modeling, Matt Long and David Palmer
Box: MCubed Cosplay & Modeling and Matt Long
Box Sponsor: Credit Union of Texas
BB-8: Mad Scientist’s Workshop
Staff: Mad Scientist’s Workshop
Staff 3D Models: JJ Armory Inc
Photographer: Evolution Photography


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