Rental Car Cosplay Rally Of Insanity [Video]

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The Rental Car Rally is described as “Halloween on Wheels”. If you are unfamiliar, check out the following official description:

RCR is an overnight, backroads-mostly driving competition between crazily-festooned teams competing for cash prizes and a golden gas pump. There are usually between 25 and 60 teams per event. Except this one time there were 73 teams and some dudes dressed as clowns crashed their minivan on a bridge in Canada. So. Anyway. It’s ballerhouse tits-out crazytown.

You Win by Hitting the Checkpoints and Looking Awesome

Sounds like a huge amount of fun—and the video after the break seems to back that up. If you want to participate, the next trip is will take you on a journey from LA to Vegas on June 24th. Tickets are available here.

(via Laughing Squid)


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