Prepare Yourself For The Awesomeness Of This Medieval Darth Vader Armor [Video]


We’ve featured the amazing work of Prince Armory in the past with gems like this medieval Joker and Loki armor—but holy sh*t with this Darth Vader version.

Owner Samuel Lee notes:

Conceptually this was a very challenging project. When you work on a very iconic character you have to think long and hard about how much liberty you want to take with the design. On one hand you don’t want it to play it too safe and have it a borderline carbon copy; that would be boring. And on the other you don’t want to go so far it is no longer recognizable or make design decisions that puts the fan base up in arms.

So I settled on trying to capture a number of the design elements within the classic Vader such as the banding patterns and many design lines, and then expanded into the fantasy realm with the red inlays and articulated armor designs.

The design scheme overall is of course very alternate universe. Ultimately I was going for a blend of Sci-Fi, Medieval, and Mystical Fantasy.

Check out more pics and a video after the break…





More pictures and details about the build process are available on Prince Armory’s project page.

(via Geeks Are Sexy)


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