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Poll: What Do You Think Of Wonder Woman’s New Outfit?

I guess nobody likes to see a 69 year old wearing short shorts and tight tops.

Despite the fact that Wonder Woman is a total GILF, she got a makeover for issue #600 that includes a costume that is far less revealing.

She is also getting a gritty new origin storyline for the 21st century devised by the new writer J. Michael Straczynski. It involves being smuggled out of Paradise Island as a baby when “unknown forces destroy her home and slaughter its inhabitants.”

“It’s a look designed to be taken seriously as a warrior, in partial answer to the many female fans over the years who’ve asked, “how does she fight in that thing without all her parts falling out?” She can close it up to pass unnoticed…open it for the freedom to fight…lose the jacket or keep it on…it has pockets (the other fan question, “where does she carry anything in that outfit?”, it can be accessorized…it’s a Wonder Woman look designed for the 21st century. The bracelets are still there, but made more colorful, tied on the inside and over the hand, with a script W on each of them that form WW when she holds them side by side…and if you get hit by one of them, it leaves a W mark. This is a Wonder Woman who signs her work…letting her enemies know that she’s getting closer.

“This is Wonder Woman reborn, literally and metaphorically: fast, elegant, tough, smart…the savior of her people, their guardian and protector…avenging the fall of Paradise Island, searching to discover why Paradise Island was abandoned by the gods. In the end, what she discovers will change her life and the world forever…and she will come face to face with a decision that will mean life or death for the entire human race.”

I’ll bet I already know the answer to this question (I mean, how can a guy beat off to this?), but what do you think of the Wonder Woman’s new outfit?

UPDATE: See if you prefer the fan-made Wonder Woman costume that “fixes” DC’s version.

(via NYT)


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