Pokemon Card Cosplay

If you love the Pokemon trading card game, this cosplay option is probably much more comfortable than dressing up as a full size Pikachu. Not that I’ve ever dressed like either to know the difference. Anyways, Don Schwabs says the following about his creative and cool card costume:

For last year’s work Xmas party, we were told to come dressed as one of the products we sell. Amongst the Jason Voorhees’, Beetlejuices and Bioshock’s Little Sister, I decided to take things a little more literally.

Fast forward 4 months to Melbourne’s Supanova Pop Cultcha Expo, I decided to rock the ‘chu again and bring him to the masses. Got a pretty damn good result as I couldn’t take more than 5 steps before being asked for a photo and a fair bit of people freaking out in general (jeans were creamed).

I now plan on adding the corners of some energy cards that I can fan out the side for some Thunder Jolt-y goodness.

I challenge someone to put together a whole group of cosplay cards – Pokemon or otherwise.

(via albotas)


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