Photographer Mom Bonds With Daughter Through Cosplay


Photographer Kelly Lewis has found a unique way to bond with her adopted daughter, Alice, who loves cosplay. She works with her daughter on the amazing costumes and then creates professional photographs complete with props. Kelly says on her tumblr:

The masses are offended at the mention of Alice’s adoption but it’s something she’s proud of. When you’ve had six mother figures before the age of seven it’s a pretty big deal when you get adopted into a forever home. It’s life changing in the best possible way. Alice loves sharing her story so that others might get inspired to adopt a child, an older one at that. Reading another child’s adoption story is what inspired us to foster-to-adopt in the first place… It’s relevant to the portraits we create together because it’s what we do to bond. We didn’t have a natural maternal link – we created one the best way we knew how and it’s stronger that I could have ever imagined.

The photographs are all the more beautiful when you realize that they’re the roots of a mother-daughter relationship and that they might inspire other people to investigate adopting a child in need of a home.

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(Bored Panda via Laughing Squid)


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