Photo Series Captures Elsa’s Transforming Dress [Cosplay]

elsa transforms 1

As someone who has watched Frozen several times, I can tell you the exact point of Elsa’s transformation and recognition of her true self during “Let It Go.” The moment when she changes from the coronation gown to the sparkly ice blue ensemble is perfect cosplay fodder, and Tomia rose to the challenge.

In a lovely photo series she goes from the restrained Elsa to the “cold never bothered me anyway” version of the character. Though the magical costume change is handled with Photoshop, it still looks stunning and I’m impressed that she made two very detailed Elsa costumes.

Photos by Garam & Dall.

Watch the transformation happen after the break.

elsa transforms 2

elsa transforms 3

elsa transforms 4

elsa transforms 5

elsa transforms 6

elsa transforms 7

elsa transforms 8

elsa transforms 9

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