Drag And My Little Pony Make For One Of A Kind Cosplay


Drag queen Phi Phi O’Hara (of Rupaul’s Drag Race) combined cosplay, great makeup, and My Little Pony in a recent photoshoot and it’s created quite a stir. It also led to a comment that I’d never thought about before. According to Phi Phi, “Drag is “Cosplay”….WE COSPLAY AS A FAKE LADY EVERYTIME WE GET UP IN THIS GIG!”

In addition to the Ponies, O’Hara has also mixed in a series of cartoon characters like Daria and DiDi Pickles as part of a “365 Days Of Drag” project. Apparently, a Sailor Moon series is on the way as well. Personally, I think it’s fantastic.

Check out more pics below.


pinkie pie

rainbow dash






(Phi Phi O’Hara via Kotaku AU)

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