One Cosplayer Makes Three Gorgeous Dragon Age Inquisition Costumes

dragon age cosplay 1

Why wear one Dragon Age costume when you can wear three? Cosplayer Amie Lynn recently shared photos of three different and awesome costumes from Dragon Age Inquisition: Vivienne, Varric, and Iron Bull. It looks as though she made all three of these costumes since the game’s release on November 18th! That sort of timeline is hard for me to wrap my head around, especially considering that these are not simple costumes. She did an incredible job!

Photos by Saffels Photography and Scott English Photo.

More pics after the break along with behind-the-scenes videos.

dragon age cosplay 2

dragon age cosplay 3

dragon age cosplay 4

dragon age cosplay 5

dragon age cosplay 6

dragon age cosplay 7

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