This Old Han Solo Cosplayer Fooled Harrison Ford’s Makeup Artist

I can’t tell you how much we love it when older fans jump into cosplay. The older version of Han Solo from The Force Awakens has been a particularly popular subject, but few can do it better than Wolverony. In fact, his Han Solo cosplay was so good that he confused Harrison Ford’s makeup artist and hairstylist at Star Wars Celebration. He noted the following about the “surreal” experience:

Ford’s Make Up Artist and Hairstylist did in fact stop me, took a selfie and sent it to Harrison’s phone. They thought I was him from the back, and that I had done a quick change until they walked up closer to engage me in conversation. They also showed me pics of his stunt double for comparison from TFA and it was a very surreal moment.

Image: HSL

Not surprisingly, this isn’t Wolverony’s first cosplay rodeo. For one thing, he’s not quite as old as he seems. HeroHair appears to be his secret cosplay weapon:

Image: HSL


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