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A Tribute To Cosplayers That Had The Guts To Wear Heels At NYCC [Feature]


New York Comic Con is a great experience, but it can be exhausting, too. The crowds, the lines, the early hours if you want to get into the premier panels. But there’s one group for whom getting out of the con sane and uninjured is an even taller order: Cosplayers who wear high heels. This is their tribute, NYCC 2015 style.


If you’ve never worn heels (…most, though not all, dudes), you just don’t know how much dedication it takes to do this. Two years ago, I wore a two-inch high chunky heel–which, dress shoe-wise, is on the slightly more challenging side of a training wheel–and after about 90 minutes I wanted to dive foot-first into a vat of rusty nails. By the end of the day, I wanted to chop my feet off. And here’s Poison Ivy in stilletos.


You are on your feet–just the balls of your feet!–all day. And good luck finding a chair in the food court after waiting an hour and a half in the gyro line.


Banana Deadpool may know chimichangas, but he doesn’t know the struggle.


Peggy Carter dons a more practical heel to kick some Axis ass, but make no mistake: Her feet were probably hurting at the end of the day like Cap hurting emotionally after practically everyone he knows beats him to the grave. Too soon?


You know what’s worse than high heels? That would be “no heels at all,” as seen on this Krampus.


Close-up on the PainCam! All those comfortable sneakers and boots in the background are mocking me.


Shout out to “Ramon Flowers.” They may not be heels, but you know he was rolling to a foot bath of warm water and Epsom Salts at the end of the day.


We salute you ladies, and everyone else who sacrifices their own comfort to look great and make a fun con for the rest of us.



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