Help Make These Affordable, Modular Lightsabers For Cosplayers A Reality

Generally speaking, if you want a custom lightsaber with a cool design and fancy electronics, you’ll be paying a helluva lot for it. With that in mind, Part Time Hero Props has launched a Kickstarter for their MWR Saber System which aims to deliver fancy but affordable lightsaber-style props to cosplayers and duelers.

Part Time Hero Props founders Shaun and Robin Sunday note:

The sabers come in 4 designs, with interchangeable emitters and pommels, a removable electronics core and both string blade and base lit options.

They’ll have exclusive sound fonts made by Ben Fourzze Fonts. The sabers have been drop tested from a height of 20m/65ft and still work.

Currently, you can score a MWR saber for as little as $153US, which is a pretty good deal for a saber with this many features. If you’re interested, head on over to the MWR Saber System Kickstarter page to pledge.


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