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This Muscle Man Is A Cosplay Master

drefan cosplay main

Once upon a time, cosplayer Drefan was into competitive sports. After he was sidelined by an injury, he took his love for fitness, video games, and anime and put them to great use as a cosplayer.

Personally, I love that he’s found cosplay. He’s really good at it and he’s got the physique to pull off some pretty burly characters. The real talent, however, is on the performance side of things. He gets 100% into it and it’s pretty awesome.

Check out some examples below.

drefan cosplay 1

Photo: Vaxone

drefan cosplay 2

Photo: Vaxone

drefan cosplay 3

drefan cosplay 5

drefan cosplay 6

drefan cosplay 7

drefan cosplay 8

Photo: Vaxone

drefan cosplay9

(via Kotaku)


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