More Details On The Awesome Death Star Gown [Cosplay]


Remember the gorgeous Death Star gown costume from Calgary Expo? Well, the husband of Lady Death Star contacted us with more information on the beautiful cosplay, and now we’re even more impressed! That skirt? It weighs 20 pounds because the hoops are made from steel. She also included 12 D-size batteries to light the 300 LED Christmas lights in the skirt. She spent over 100 hours working on the ensemble. Wow, that’s a commitment.

See a couple of in-progress photos and read more details about the costume after the break.

From Lady Death Star’s husband:

1) The skirt alone weights over 20 lbs. There is nearly 10 lbs of strap steel for the hoops, 12 D batteries for the 300 LED Christmas lights (though not all 300 are showing, but was required to get the length) and not to mention that here are two skirts there; an underskirt with the hoops and the Deathstar overlay.

2) This is the Second Death Star, in true Star Wars fashion. The first one didn’t have lights and wasn’t nearly as polished, however it won for the Intermediate Level Costume Contest at the Winnipeg Comic Con. This one could have taken the Expert Level, or so everyone has commented.

3)That IS a Star Destroyer purse. It played sound effects, though it was too low at the convention for anyone to hear. It was functional too with a zippered side. Not to mention it struck fear into the hearts of her enemies.

4) The skirt was so awesome that, after being guided down the celebrity signing area of the Calgary Comic Con, she got that Star Destroyer purse signed by none other than Sam Witwer…Starkiller himself (who, if you’ve played the Force Unleashed video game took down a Star Destroyer out of orbit and crashed it using the force. It was epic).

5) The purse will be up for auction at the Edmonton Comic Convention, at the 501st Badlands Booth, and will go to regular charities.

6) The outfit also attracted the attention of none other than Anthony Daniels. He was impressed. He only learned what I already knew.

7) It took over 100 hours of work to complete. The only pieces that were not hand made by my wife were the rank badge and the little tin piece on the hat. The skirt, corset, hat, and purse were all fabricated from scratch.

ds skirt 1

ds skirt 2

Read more information about the construction of the skirt at Lady Death Star’s blog!


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