Miniature Luke And Tauntaun Could Melt Hoth With Cuteness [Cosplay]

luke and tauntaun 1

This is a story of a four-year-old girl who wanted a tauntaun and what her dad did to make her wish come true. Paco Allen spent about three months making Luke Skywalker’s costume as well as the creature from Hoth. He had to start from the ground up because, as he points out, there aren’t many off the shelf costumes available for the outfits in The Empire Strikes Back. He modified the pieces necessary to put the costume together, but the real work was on the tauntaun.

Allen knew the inflatable tauntaun that’s available wouldn’t hold up, so he crafted one from a variety of everyday materials including cardboard tubes, a rubber sheep mask, newspaper, faux leather, pants, felt – you get the idea. He applied a lot of time and creativity to making it look awesome. It probably doesn’t smell either.

See more pictures of the costume after the break.

luke and tauntaun 2

luke and tauntaun 3

luke and tauntaun 4

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