McCall’s Adds A Gorgeous Kimono Cosplay Pattern To Their Lineup


Actually, McCall’s has added two new cosplay patterns to their lineup, but we were especially taken with the beautiful kimono “Obi:Gado” version. Check out all of the details and additional pics below.

M2079 Bow and Brine. This design was developed by Anna He for her label Seattle Cosplay. Anna is a seamstress, designer and cosplayer. Anna has developed a multi use top package for Cosplay by McCall. This design can be used for a pirate/a peasant/ medieval wench or a Western steampunk look-your imagination is the limit for the end use of this pattern, which has lots of extra details with ribbon ties. There are additional variations to this top which are shown on the back of the envelope, but we’ve included the line drawings so you can see the details. This pattern is available in sizes 8-22.

M2081 Obi:Gado. This beautiful Kimono has two views-a long version and a gorgeous short kimono with detachable sleeves and an obi variation. The long length Kimono has beautiful appliquéd fabric flowers that are attached to the kimono with couching, which is a type of embroidery. We’ve included fun tips on couching and the different types of thread you can use to achieve special effects. This a detail Cosplayers would love to do!. The shorter Kimono features different fabric combinations and detachable sleeves with a ribbon tie detail. The obi on this shorter style is completely different. We’re also included a plain white undershirt, which is a traditional garment that’s worn with a kimono. This was developed for Animae and Manga fans-and can be used as a Ninja/Warrior or incorporate the shorter Kimono view with a bustle skirt for a Steampunk time traveler look. We hope our fans can see many different types of end uses for both of these designs.












These new patterns will be available starting today a Cosplay by McCall’s. As always, multiple views are included, along with step-by-step instructions and guide sheets. The outer envelopes are also designed with more room for additional information, sewing tips, line drawings and photo references.


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