Mall Cops Call Real Cops Over Steampunk Cosplayers On A Carousel


Mall cops keep the peace at our local shopping meccas, but sometimes they need a little backup from the big boys. This was the case when mall cops at the Westfield Plaza Camino Real shopping center in Carlsbad, California called the real police over a bunch of steampunk cosplayers. What were the cosplayers doing to warrant a police visit? They were riding the carousel and taking pictures. Anyone would have been terrified.

Like most malls, they’ve got a code of conduct to keep people safe and they evicted the group of 25 cosplayers, which included some adorable kids, for violating key sections of this policy. The violations were…

“wearing apparel or gesturing in a manner which is likely to provoke a disturbance or embroil other groups or the general public in open conflict”

“congregating and loitering in groups of three (3) or more which hinders or interferes with the flow of other shoppers or obstructs entryways or walkways”

Riiight. Because if the pictures are any indication this is a rowdy bunch of hooligans bent on mass destruction and chaos. Chaos! Cosplayer Kim Keeline and her husband says they were all surprised by the response, but simply moved on to Dr. Watson’s Steampunk Odditorium.

As for the mall, they’ve released a statement saying, “Westfield welcomes all shoppers to visit our shopping centers and asks they abide by our centers’ code of conduct during their visit for safety and security reasons.” They also said the cosplayers can come back as long as they warn the mall first.

Image by Laura Lusk.

(Boing Boing via Geekosystem)


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