Making Female Blademaster Barioth Armor From Monster Hunter

blademaster costume 1

The game Monster Hunter was released by Capcom about ten years ago for the Playstation 2. One of the best sets of armor in the game is the Barioth armor, and Instructables user MandaBear put together a detailed how-to on creating it. She used resin, wonderflex, Barge, and more to create the armor portion. The supply list gets even longer once you add in the fabric portion of the costume. She gathered as many reference photos as possible and dove in.

The build process for the entire costume is technical but fascinating. You can tell she put a lot of effort and time into it by looking at the image of the finished costume. Her advice is helpful for any cosplayer, regardless of whether you’re making a character from Monster Hunter or not.

See more photos of the costume after the break.

blademaster costume 2

blademaster costume 3

Read more about the build at Instructables. Photos by ACParadiseBetwixt Photos and Pics By the Moon.


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