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This Mad Hatter Is Extremely Well-Dressed

mad hatter top

Holy crap – just look at that jacket!

Not surprisingly, this Mad Hatter costume is the work of a professional costumer by the name of Rachel Kras who notes:

I’ve always derived inspiration from the book and I occasionally discover something new with each reading. The selection of the printed script on canvas for the long jacket is influenced by a costume worn by Geoffrey Rush who portrayed the infamous Marquis de Sade in the movie “Quills”. In the movie, denied pen and paper, he writes a story on his silk suit in blood with a hidden quill. It was part of my daydream to just combine elements from both stories.

The lining of the jacket is made from striped pillow ticking. Cuffs and collars are French blue cotton velvet. The buttons are in the shapes of roses which hearken back to the playing cards painting the roses red in the Queen of Heart’s garden. The jacket is worn over a historically accurate 18th century “stays” (corset) made out of purple satin. The top hat has a lot of detail including a Dormouse with a striped waistcoat for fun.

The jacket has really deep pockets on both sides which I love because I feel that sometimes a cosplay look can get disrupted when you have to carry a non-character related accessory like a backpack or purse. So this held my ID, phone and car keys at the party nicely and safely.

Leggings were purchased from World Of Leggings.

The boots are from Son Of Sandlar. These are called the “High Boot” and are very versatile for different costumes. I’ve worn these boots for the Mad Hatter shown here, Pirate costumes, and Renaissance style costumes. They are extremely comfortable.

Images by Amanda Tipton. Makeup Design by Meredith Strathmeyer Worobec.

Take a closer look at the dress in the gallery below.

The Mad Hatter by Rachael Kras, Costumer

Technical details on the costume are available here. You can also see more of Rachel Kras’ amazing designs on her website.

(via RachelKrasCostumer on Reddit)


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