Little Girl’s Stormtrooper Armor Fends Off The Bullies [Cosplay]


It was back in 2010 that little Katie Goldman was bullied for liking Star Wars and the internet was quick to come to her defense. The 501st Legion stepped up and its members put together a Stormtrooper costume for Katie that really helped her to get back her confidence.

Four years later, another little girl, Allie Jorgensen, is facing similar bullying for carrying a Spider-Man lunchbox to school. News of this reached 501st Legion spokesman Brian Troyan who came up with a unique solution. He suggested to Katie and her Mom that they pass on the armor that she’s outgrown to Allie as a show of support. Troyan says of the armor:

“I think it helps them understand that they don’t need to hide who they are or what they love,” Troyan said. “Even if someone tries to make fun of them for something, that doesn’t mean they should be ashamed of it.”

Katie and her Mom loved the idea, and now Allie is the proud new owner of Katie’s armor. Now the plan is to keep the armor moving, going from one child to the next as it’s outgrown so that other kids can benefit from its use.

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Image via of the 501st Legion’s Midwest Garrison via 501st



Image via of the 501st Legion’s Midwest Garrison via 501st



(via BuzzFeed / Images via Carrie Goldman unless otherwise noted)


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