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Breakfast Was Sacrificed To Bring You This Magnificent Leliana Dragon Age Cosplay


This beautiful Leliana cosplay features PippiStix in a costume she created. She decided to make the costume after being challenged by Allegra Clark, voice of Josephine, when they met at PAX Prime last year. In an email she noted:

I was thinking of doing a Leliana cosplay for a while and was chatting with Allegra Clark at PAX Prime last year. She voices Josephine from the game (and is a completely entertaining and hysterical person in RL). Anyways, she challenged me right then and there to create Leliana’s full on chainmaille look in the new game Inquisition. Soooooo, I had to do it. I had no idea how much time creating the chainmaille would actually take and it was insane!!!! Not going to lie, I was finishing it in the car on the way to PAX South and I wound up vomiting in the car. Twice.

There I said it! I upchucked for the Inquisition! ;} Aaaand it was worth it.

That’s what you call dedication.

Pictures by Cnidarium Photography, Becka Noel Studio, and Vontography.

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