Learn How To Make A Cheap But Effective Dancing Baby Groot Costume [Cosplay]


All of the characters in Marvel’s Guardian’s of the Galaxy were absolutely wonderful, but the one who definitely stole the show was Groot (especially dancing baby Groot). We’ve seen some spectacular Groot cosplay for cons, and even a baby Groot or two, but there isn’t much out there as far as an official costume is concerned. This instructable provides a solution. It’s remarkably clever, and the materials she used were all pretty simple: paper, duct tape and a bit of glue.

Sure, it’s probably not the most maneuverable costume around, but it sure is cool looking (reminds us of the Funko vinyl) and it’s also pretty affordable to make.

Check out some more pics after the break…



Check out more pictures and learn how to make the Dancing Groot costume over at Instructables.

(via Adafruit)


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