League of Legends Gives a Female Character Sensible Armor

league of legends

It’s all too common for video games in a fantasy setting to feature a kick-ass female character who wears pathetic armor. How can you expect to survive an epic battle with dire creatures when you leave your belly exposed? I also can’t stand when lady warriors in icy locations are given the skimpiest outfits. They’d die! Female superheroes suffer from the same problem. It doesn’t make any sense beyond looking good. League of Legends is taking a step in the right direction though by upgrading Sejuani’s armor.

Sejuani is an ice warrior who ran around in a bikini riding her warthog like steed, Bristle. Nevermind that her legs would be covered in rashes, the “armor” wouldn’t even keep her warm. The update makes her a bit more practical. From League of Legends:

Sejuani’s lightly-armored, skin-flaunting, fleshy apparel didn’t mesh with the idea of a dominating, ice warrior. Now heavily armored atop Bristle, this visual rework clearly conveys the core of our concept for the champion. She’s powerful, capable of conquering the Freljord and leading the Winter’s Claw to victory.

It’s a start. I’d like to see more games follow suit.

(League of Legends via Kotaku)


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