This ‘Labyrinth’ Junk Lady Cosplay Will Always Be Best In Show [Video]


Just look at this Labyrinth Junk Lady cosplay (also known as Agnes) by Jen and John Yates from Epbot. Talk about one of those cosplays that just floors you.

Agnes took the Best In Show award at the MegaCon costume contest and it’s easy to see why. There’s seriously so much to love here. The amount of work that went into this cosplay, the detail, the little blue “Ello!” worm on the back. It’s incredible. It even stands alone when no one’s wearing it, so it’s a display piece as well as a cosplay.

Another thing that makes this cosplay so awesome is how interactive and mobile they made it. I mean, you really need to see Agnes dance in the video below.

2016-05-24 12.00.14

2016-05-24 12.00.28

2016-05-24 12.06.36

You can see more about the build and their win on Epbot.


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