When Cosplay Collides With Cuteness [Feature]

Babies. Animals. Kids. These are some of the cutest things in our world. When you mix costumes into the mix, the result is usually precious. Who can resist miniature capes or tiny pet hats? No one with feelings. If none of these images make you say “D’awww,” you should probably get your heart checked to make sure it’s not two sizes too small.

Warning: extreme levels of darling after the break.

Baby Cosplay

Link: Pint-sized hero in what looks to be a handmade costume.

Harley Quinn: This little girl is the least crazy version of Harley Quinn ever.

Charlie Brown: Let’s hope the parents didn’t use a permanent marker.

The Tiniest Ewok: The little teddy bears from Endor have never been this huggable.

Jack Skellington: Someone find this boy a tiny Sally!

Carl from Up: Please get this infant a tiny house to match his costume.

Pet Cosplay

Bat Pug: Simple, effective, and maybe a little scary.

Doctor Woof: Corgi wearing a miniature fez. Enough said. Bonus: Baby Doctor and toddler Doctor.

Hello Kitty: She looks just as sweet in real life.

Serenity is a Dog: Pup dressed like our favorite Firefly class ship.

AT-AT Puppy: I want to get a dog just so I can make it an AT-AT costume.

Thorgi : I wonder how well he really wields Mjölnir.

Kids Cosplay

Princess Batman: Finally, a version of the superhero who isn’t broody.

Edward Scissorhands: I don’t know if kids this young should have sharp objects attached to their fingers, but in this case, it’s totally okay.

The Boy Who Lived: This little wizard looks like he takes his Harry Potter cosplay very seriously.

Rocketeer: The three year old rocketeer has a costume even adults would envy.

Littlest Chun Li: I didn’t even know this outfit could be sized down to adorable. It can.

Mini Chewbacca: Look at the little bowcaster!

Bitty Spider-Man: This little guy’s not afraid to face down the Empire.

The Eleventh Doctor: Who needs a real Amy Pond when you can just substitute a monkey?


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