Kickstart Combat-Ready Leather Armor

leather armor 2

Metal armor is shiny and solid, but I find leather armor to be much more attractive. It’s lighter, and it will protect you while you look awesome. The Rose and Thron Armory wants to offer combat-ready leather armor for all ages for cosplay, LARPing, reenactment, a day at the park, whatever. They’ve started to raise funds through Kickstarter to take their business to the next level. Their work is beautiful, and I’d love to see them have more awesome designs in stock for everyone to purchase.

Rewards include leather bracelets, posters, and leather crowns among other items. Levels for actual leather armor pieces start at $100. That will get you short arm bracers. Three hundred dollars will get you a warrior princess leather top or a shoulder pauldron.

Watch the Kickstarter video and see more armor pics after the break.

leather armor 1

leather armor 3

leather armor 4

leather armor 5

Back the Rose and Thorn Armory’s project over at Kickstarter.


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