Katie, The Star Wars Girl, Gets Stormtrooper Armor From The 501st Legion

Two years ago a little girl named Katie was bullied for carrying a Star Wars water bottle to school. The geek community rallied around Katie and left encouraging comments. Since then, Katie and her mother Carrie Goldman have been very involved with Star Wars fans and have been speaking against bullying. Goldman even published a book on the topic.

Katie longed to be a Stormtrooper for Halloween this year, and the 501st Legion made it happen:

Goldman worried about how they would pay for the costume but 501st member Brian Troyan had a plan. She writes, “They wanted to raise the funds for the costume, and in return, they asked if we would donate the costume back to them after Katie outgrew it, so that it could be used for Make-A-Wish kids.”

As if that wasn’t great enough, Katie herself gave them $5 saved from her allowance to help with the cost.

The 501st is known for working with charities and spreading cheer, and they certainly made Katie’s Halloween – probably her whole year. The smile on her face is enough to melt any Hoth heart.

See more pics of Katie and her armor after the break.

(Chicago Now via The Mary Sue)


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