Jessica Rabbit x Jack Skellington Sings A Sultry Lament


Colorado cosplayer and corseterie Kitty Krell lends her multiple talents to this mashup of Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Nightmare Before Christmas with a Jessica Rabbit style cover of “Jack’s Lament”.

The cosplay is based on Janine Van Moosel‘s Jessica Rabbit as Jack Skellington art and the video is the result of Krell’s imagining how Jack would sound singing as Jessica Rabbit.

For some reason, I see Zero sitting at a table and howling during this in that wolf whistle kind of way. Check out more pics and the video below.



Cinematographer: WeNeal’s Photography and Retouching

Visual Effects/Editing/Set Management: Priscilla Spencer

Music Mixing: Blake Smith

You can see more pictures and learn how this all came together over on Geek x Girls.


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