Jasmine As a Thief Of Agrabah [Cosplay]

jasmine cosplay 1

When Jasmine finally got out to the streets of Agrabah to explore life as someone else who is not a princess, she liked it. Getting out of her sheltered existence was just what she needed. Cosplayer Lisa Lou Who enjoyed that part of Aladdin so much that she designed a new look for Jasmine. She pictured her as a thief of Agrabah instead of a princess in a palace. She’s added a hood and pouches to the standard outfit and actually achieved a sexy Aladdin-Jasmine mash-up. I’d love to see a movie about this version of Jasmine.

Photos by Player 2 Photography.

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jasmine cosplay 2

jasmine cosplay 3

jasmine cosplay 4

jasmine cosplay 6

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