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It’s Time For A Game Of Ridiculous Female Armor Bingo

Note: Images removed upon request of the artist.

Where there’s a female in armor, there’s probably some measure of silliness. Whether you’re reading comics or playing video games, you’ve probably encountered a woman warrior wearing ridiculously skimpy armor that wouldn’t keep her safe in a real fight. DeviantArt user OzzieScribbler is very aware of this problem, and not only does she have a Bikini Armor Battle Damage Tumblr page discussing the risks of being a half-naked warrior, she’s made a hilarious and downloadable Female Armor Bingo card.

Here’s how you play: whenever you see a female warrior heading into battle, look at her armor and see how many of the squares you can cross off the Bingo sheet. Squares include: exposed cleavage, high heels, skin tight metal, no head protection – you get the idea. You’re going to be calling out, “Bingo!” left and right.

(Kotaku via TGT)


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