Internet Troll Picks On Cosplayer And Gets Owned In The Best Way

cosplay burn

Let’s face it – the internet is mean. Trolls pick on anyone and everything, and it gets depressing. However, they do get their just desserts sometimes and this is a wonderful example of an idiot getting what he or she deserves. The troll posted a photo of a gorgeous Duela Dent costume and made fun of it for being a mash-up, steampunk, and gender-swapped. You can tell from the words it’s an insult meant to say the cosplayer is pathetic.

However, a wonderful commenter pointed out the truth. Duela Dent is an actual character in the DC Comics universe; she first premiered as the Joker’s daughter. As George Takei pointed out, the critic was sufficiently owned. Click on the image to enlarge.

(via George Takei)


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