Insane Homemade Diablo III Costume [Video]

Take a look at the Diablo III costume Joshua Smith was able to achieve with only $145 in materials from Walmart and 32 hours of work. Perhaps he should focus a bit of that attention on his wallpaper situation.

See the costume in action after the break.

Glue Sticks (2 Small Stick Packs, 3 Large Sticks Packs)
Aluminum Foil (37 ft Heavy Duty)
Poster Board (10 Sheets)
Craft Foam (4 Foam 12 Packs)
LED Lights (2 Batt. Operated Packs)
C Batteries (6 Pack and 4 Pack)
Paint (Black, Red, Orange, Yellow)
Clear Coat Spray (2 Cans)
Black Long Sleeve Shirt
Black Gloves (1 Pair)

(via Geekologie)


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