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Incredible, Wearable Lego Master Chief Armor

It took six months of work, but Ben Caulkins managed to create wearable Master Chief armor out of Lego.

I didn’t decide overnight to build a Master Chief costume out of LEGO bricks. The very base of the idea was probably inspired by Simon MacDonald’s (SIMAFOL) Boba Fett costume. Then it was after I saw some really amazing LEGO creations at my first LEGO convention, Brickworld, that I really seriously started thinking about it. At first it was just a fantasy, which is reasonable enough, I mean, come on, a full-blown LEGO Master Chief costume? It is pretty ridiculous. But when I started to take it seriously, I finally realized that it was possible, and I committed myself to it.

I put a surprising amount of thought into which part I would construct first, and I finally settled on the helmet because I thought that if I could do a convincing MOC of the Master Chief’s helmet, and be able to wear it, I could do the rest of the suit.

Indeed, we covered Ben’s initial work on the helmet back in November of 2010. That would have been impressive enough, but the whole suit is truly mind blowing.

Check out The Brother’s Brick for the complete story behind the build.


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