Wheelchair Hulk Cosplay Has “Butt Kicking Action”


Step aside Mark Ruffalo, 11-year old Ellijah Davila is a truly badass Bruce Banner underneath his custom-made wheelchair Hulk cosplay. Unveiled for TerrifiCon in Connecticut two weeks ago, Ellijah’s uncle Eric D. Levine built the entire ensemble. In a recent interview with Sentinel Source, Levine said he wanted Ellijah’s costume be “the Hulk with butt-kicking action:

“He started researching materials he could use to make legs that would attach to the wheelchair and move. He settled on a foam used on treadmills and PVC pipe, he said.

He then had to carve, sand and spray paint the foam pieces to make them look like the Hulk’s legs when they were put together with screws and nuts, he said. He also carved “HULK” in one of the foam knees, and “SMASH” in the other, and put green LED lights behind the letters, which involved some wiring, he said. He put the same kind of lights in the Hulk’s body, which were foam front and back plates held together with Velcro.”

Ellijah’s family attended the con dressed in cosplay as well, including the characters Agent Carter, Maleficent, Poison Ivy, Iron Man, a Minion and Princess Anna. Uncle Eric even made things more interesting by dressing as Doctor Banner to push The Hulk around the convention.

Check out another pic of Ellijah after the break.


Oh, and Ellijah’s cosplay plans have only just begun! He plans to wear a functioning AT-AT costume for next year.

(via Bleeding Cool)


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