How To Make An Ultimate Spider-Man Suit

spidey suit 1

Spider-Man costumes can be tricky to get exactly right, but Reddit user MoonSpider nailed it. He fully committed to crafting the most perfect Ultimate Spider-Man costume he could, and the final result shows it. He used The Replica Props Forum for information and resources including the pattern for the costume. The pattern was printed on 4 way stretch lycra by a specialized company, and it was put together by a seamstress. He worked on the eyes, went over all the weblines by hand with markers to make them stand out more, and crafted the footwear. Well freaking done.

See more pictures after the break.

spidey suit 2

spidey suit 3

spidey suit 4

spidey suit 6

spidey suit 5

Check out a tutorial of sorts on Imgur.

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