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This ‘Halo 5’ Kelly 087 Cosplay Packs One Hell Of A Punch

halo 5 kelly cosplay

Today in “Cosplayers will never cease to amaze me”, we have DeAnna Davis aka It’s Raining Neon as Kelly 087 from Halo 5.

Everything about this cosplay is just badass.

Here’s what she had to say about it on her Facebook page:

My Halo 5 Kelly 087 is my 10th full suit of armor offically ( not counting projects that included armor work but wasnt a full head to toe ordeal) And the first thing i learned was mobility is most important, (which i learned the hard way since i couldnt bend my knees or sit down in my deamon hunter cosplay xD(my 1st suit ever (go big or go home). But I really took that to heart with this suit so in a little less than one whole month of non stop work i made sure everything was not only easy to move in but pretty comfortable.

Personally I love that this shot because it really shows how much range i managed to achive for me in the suit to be able to jump like this multipule times to get this shot with no damage or struggle.

This was a dream project for me and there are some things i’ll be adding over time like weapons, tweeking the suit to hold cold compresses in the neck and chest later, possibly a mini computer fan for my helmet cus it’s a toaster oven in there, oh and figuring out how to get that ” this clearly was made with resin smell” to chill out, but over all i have to say I am so proud of how all the hard work i put into this suit turned out , i hope you all enjoy it as much i do.

kelly cosplay by mineralblu

Taken by Mineralblu Photography

halo 5 kelly

Top photo by David Yang Photography.

(via io9)


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