Half TARDIS, Half Dalek, This Dress Is Incredible [Cosplay]

_D713023-Beauity Edit-Edit-2-Edit-web(2048px)_Upload

Here’s a mashup of two characters from the same world. Cosplayer Bewitched Raven has designed an absolutely beautiful dress that’s a Dalek on one side and the TARDIS on the other side. The myriad details, like the single door handle on the TARDIS side of things, are just perfect.

Photography by CONography.

See more pictures after the break…

_D712914-beauty edit-Edit-6-Edit-web(2048px)_Upload

_D712968-Beauty Edit-Edit-4-Edit-web(2048px)_Upload

Thanks Christina Marie J. for the tip! Send yours to tips@fashionablygeek.com.


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