Guy Cosplaying As A Stormtrooper Puts A Street On Lockdown [Video]


You’d think a guy could walk down the street dressed as a Stormtrooper and not have anyone think he was potential a menace to society. You’d be wrong. Employees at a store called Action Travel in Salina, Kansas thought Stormtrooper Chris Burns was up to no good, when all he was doing was taking a break from filming Vine videos. It was the weapon that had them concerned. Of course, the “weapon” in this case was a toy blaster. From local news station KWCH:

“Maybe we should call, just make a call,” Action Travel employee Janelle Snyder said. “Due to the stuff that’s happened out in Colorado at the theater and just weird stuff. If he wouldn’t have had the gun, we wouldn’t have thought about it.”

You see, Burns has a channel called Stormtrooper Sam that chronicles the life of an out of work Stormtrooper after the fall of the Empire. He was just taking a break from filming when the authorities were called to investigate. Looks like he’ll have to add something about the perils of walking down the street in his next installment.

Check out the news report after the break…

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(KWCH12 via Happy Place)


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