Gumby Attempts To Rob a 7-Eleven [Video]

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Someone in a Gumby costume walked into a 7-Eleven in San Diego and approached the clerk, telling him “this is a robbery”. It was all downhill for the robber at this point. The clerk behind the counter thought the whole thing was a joke, telling Gumby that he had to go back to cleaning. Gumby then tried to produce a weapon (which he may or may not have been carrying), but the costume prevented it. He then dropped 26 cents on the floor, which he attempted to pick up.

After this, he gave up his efforts and left the store. The clerk was so convinced that the whole thing was a prank that he didn’t even report it, instead telling his manager when he came in at 6AM. There’s is a $1,000 reward for information leading to the suspect’s arrest.

Check out a video of the attempt after the break.

(AP via San Diego via TDW)


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