Gritty “Mad Max” Group Cosplay


This fantastic Mad Max-inspired cosplay was perfectly captured by photographer Crysco Photography. It features Scarlett Reign as V, Paul Heinrich Speicher as GearJammer, Kelsey Scott as Firestone, and Aileth Bran as Oona as part of an original concept called Badlands.

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From GeekXGirls:

“V played by Scarlett Reign: The Assassin and Fearless leader of “The Exiles” simply known as “V” is a walking arsenal. Nobody can quite figure how or where she puts all her weapons, as if she is a magical, walking, infinite bag of holding. A descendant of the Nizari her cunning swift strikes can behead a victim faster than an eye can blink. Nicknamed the Sandman as she is known to strike her targets when they are asleep, slits their throats without them making a mere peep, and not a living soul within a few feet would notice. Her strong demeanor and ravishing exotic beauty ensures that all negotiations are in the groups favor. Her bartering and conversations skills are bar none, the most influential tongue that any poor bastard with an ear will be hypnotized by her every breath.

GearJammer played by Paul Heinrich Speicher: “GearJammer” the tank/cannibal/berserker has a pension to break the unbreakable hence his name. What can be built can be broken is his motto. Has a tendency to eat his victims when rations are short, but is forbidden to do so in front of his team “The Exiles” . Needless to say nobody wants a bite of his sandwich. His violence and humor go hand in hand for this psychopath and it takes quite the leash to calm this mad dog. The frontline man and right hand force of the team, he is fearless and will always do what it takes to get the job done.

Firestone played by Kelsey Scott: The tech savy/mechanic known as Firestone can rig a dirty metal lunchbox into a shrapnel filled bomb. Calling her Macgyver would be an understatement, using her sharp wit, stunning looks, and persuasive bartering skills she is quite the asset to the Mercenary group known as “The Exiles” whom are hired guns to seek out missions for fortune. Her lollipop, six shooter, wrench wielding, sarcastic self is a force to be reckoned with.

Oona played Aileth Bran: The tribeswoman/shaman known as Oona has the power of earth and can manipulate sand and stone for protection and healing. On the cresent or full moon she can shapeshift into a bird of prey. Her tribe was pillaged by raiders as she was absent out on her spiritual walk, when she returned bodies littered the ground and the settlements ransacked and burned to ash, all that was left was a symbol drawn in blood on a dirty cloth resembling a fist with two sword. Her quest is to rightfully put an end to those who wronged her tribe so that the restless spirits of her tribe can rest.”

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