Green Lantern Kilowog Costume For Sale

kilowog costume

Green Lanterns are not my area of expertise, but I always recognize Kilowog. The alien reminds me of a rhinoceros, and he’s great at using the ring in creative ways. Cosplayer Aaron made a wonderful Kilowog costume (pictured above right), but the time has come to part ways with it. He’s offering it for sale, and it comes with all the details.

From the seller:

Asking $2,000 (the muscle suit alone now retails for $2,500). That includes the giant muscle suit (usable for any number of “larger than life” characters- Bane, Juggernaut, Colossus, Hulk, Darkseid, etc), the custom sculpted latex mask, the Green Lantern bodysuit, giant GL ring (with working LEDs), fully posable hands, and giant (7-8”) boots. I’ll even throw in my silver GL ring and DC Direct Kilowog figure for free.

You could get it just in time for San Diego Comic-Con or Dragon*Con.

Check out pictures of the muscle suit after the break.

kilowog costume 1

kilowog costume 2

kilowog costume 3

(Bucky Bird via TBATB)


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