Glowy Zoey Is Back With Her Best Costume Yet! [Video]


One of my favorite things about Halloween is seeing what costume Glowy Zoey will be wearing. This is Zoey’s third year and she’s come a long way since her Minnie Mouse LED stick figure from last year.

This year, Zoey is a sparkling Princess Elsa complete with a sleigh Jeep and soundtrack.

I’m already excited for next year.

Watch the video after the break.

From the description:

This year Zoey wanted to be Elsa so of course I had to light it up! I also decided to add lights to her frozen jeep that Santa paid so much for…I mean that Santa made her for Christmas last year. Her dress has 250 LEDs that are controlled with a Teensy 3.1 microcontroller and powered by 2 13000mah 5v powerbanks (usually used to charge cellphones). Her dress was bought at the Disney store because I sure as heck can’t sew! Her jeep is lined with the same lights we use on our LED suits and the flashing mode is controlled by one of our LED suit controllers as well. The headlights were made from LED ring lights.

(via Pixable)


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