Gift Ideas for Cosplayers [Feature]

If you visit Fashionably Geek regularly, chances are that you are a cosplayer or know one. If you create costumes, you may already have a good idea of what items would make fantastic gifts for cosplayers. However, not everyone falls into that category. Maybe you’d like to find the perfect present for your friend who spends all his or her free time sewing or building props but have no idea where to start. We’ve got several ideas to get you started!

Multipurpose Accessories – Items Every Cosplayer Could Use

Some people love wearing wigs for every day fun, but they come in especially handy for cosplay. Arda wigs has a dazzling array of styles, colors, and lengths for your cosplaying pals. Don’t forget a wig cap to go with it! $30 and up – Arda Wigs

You can’t go wrong with a classic black mask. It can be worn to turn a simple outfit into a costume, and it’s perfect for pirate parties. More elaborate masks are ideal for masquerades or fairy outfits. Tom Banwell has plenty to choose from, and any cosplayer would appreciate them. $23 and up – Tom Banwell Designs

Stockings & Leggings
Tights and stockings can be paired with tops, corsets, or tutus to create quick and dirty costumes. You can get them in solid colors (cosplayers can never have too many pairs of dance tights) or patterns like these TARDIS ones. Black Milk also has some more generic designs that cosplayers will love. $79 – Black Milk Clothing

Yes, ears. You read that right. Pony ears, cat ears, elf ears, orc ears – they’re all suitable for costumes. You could lump horns into this category. If a cosplayer has a pair laying around, they’ll be used. These pony ears by Yaya Han are just an example of what you can find on Etsy. $16 and up – Yaya Han

Everyday Cosplay – For Cosplayers Who Want to Dress Up All The Time

Costume T-Shirts
Donning complete costumes doesn’t always make sense. Some things just fit in best at conventions or Halloween. These t-shirts are made to wear every day, and they could be incorporated into a full costume – and there are plenty of available styles. Phoenix costume tee – $24.99 – ThinkGeek

Tank Dresses
The tank dress version of costumes also works for daily wear, and they’re even better for parties at conventions. Again, you have plenty of designs to choose from. Star Wars tank dresses – $28 – 80s Tees

Costume Hoodies
Dress like a superhero, a Star Wars character, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, and so much more just by zipping up a sweatshirt. It’s stylish and warm. More designs ($37.99 and up) are available at Superhero Stuff.

Costume Sleepwear – Cosplay While Sleeping

Footie Pajamas
Cosplaying while you sleep is the easiest possible way to go about it. Any member of the Away team would be comfortable in the above. $64.99 – Jumpin Jammerz 

Camis and Nightgowns
For the cosplayer who wants to rest and look like a superhero while doing so. $27.99 – More designs are available at Superhero Stuff.

Character robes are cozy and between these and the pajamas, a person almost never has to be out of costume. They’re available for so many characters. $55.99 – ThinkGeek

Corsets & Skirts – A Little Fancier Than Everyday Cosplay

Graphic Corset
Cinchers featuring graphics of awesome nerdy things make great gifts! You just need to know the recipient’s size and order in enough time for the holidays. $250 – Castle Corsetry

Cosplay Corset
Corsets like this are great because they fit into the color scheme of certain characters, but they can also be worn on their own to the renfaire. Huzzah for multiple functions. $119 – Damsel in this Dress

Skirts That Are Almost Like Costumes
Any cosplayer will adore these comfortable elastic band skirts that feature tons of iconic geeky patterns. Be sure to check them all out and get your order in as quickly as you can. $54.99 – Go Follow Rabbits

Props & Replicas – No Outfit Is Complete Without a Weapon

Malcolm Reynolds Pistol
The replica of Mal’s pistol was created from a mold used for the on-screen prop in Firefly so it’s as accurate as can be. $59.95 – QMx

Assassin’s Creed Gauntlet
These are replicas of Ezio Auditore’s gauntlets, but they’d go with a large number of costumes. And eve though it looks deadly, but it’s made from plastic. $39.99 – GameStop

Iron Man Mark IV Arc Reactor Replica prop
Whether you know someone with Iron Man armor or someone who just likes to pretend he’s Tony Stark, this arc reactor is fabulous. $99 – Bolt Fusions

11th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver
A Whovian can never have too many sonic screwdrivers to go with his or her Doctor costume! And this isn’t just a high quality replica – it’s also a programmable remote. $99.95 – ThinkGeek

Portal 2 Miniature Replica Portal Gun
Portal isn’t getting less popular, and any fan who likes the game enough to dress up like one of the characters will adore this smaller scale replica. It’s cute and deadly. $59.99 – ThinkGeek

Inflatable Minigun Arm
As fun as specific replicas are, it’s good to have something a little more generic in the mix. This inflatable gun could go with tons of costumes and won’t take up much storage space. $29.99 – ThinkGeek

Other gift ideas include repair kits with velcro, hot glue, safety pins, etc. packaged in a geeky lunch box or tin, basic make-up kits with powder, lip gloss, Q-tips, and tissues, sewing lessons, sewing kits, suitcases and backpacks with lots of pockets, storage tubs (especially for people with armored costumes) or gift certificates for a local hobby and craft shop. None of those things will go to waste. Happy shopping!


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