Find Out How This Furiosa Cosplayer Created An Amazing Mechanical Arm


This Furiosa cosplay is impressive, especially when you learn that the entire costume was created by 19-year old Jack Gabriel in just three days for reveal at the MCM London Comic Con. This includes that badass mechanical arm.

Jack told Yahoo! that he “chose Furiosa specifically because I liked the challenge of creating the arm.” He fabricated the main four finger glove from foam. The rest of the prosthetic arm was then constructed from Worbla and found materials, including pen casings, aluminum tubing, wire, and belts.

“All of these pieces then had to be primed with three to five layers of wood glue, primed black, sprayed silver, and then aged with acrylic paint to give them a worn-metal effect.”

It was a lot of work in a short amount of time but it totally paid off. Check out more pics of the arm in progress after the break.




You can see Gabriel’s Furiosa cosplay in action at the 1:37 mark:

There are also lots of additional photos of the Furiosa cosplay build on Jack’s Facebook page.

(via Yahoo!)


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